Take a closer look at our farm...

Below are photos that have been taken on the farm over the past few years. Please enjoy browsing through images of the growth and harvest of various fruits and vegetables available at Birnam Orchards. 

Freshly-picked early golden plums for sale at the market.


A shot of the apple orchard


Blue plums



Blossoming plum trees in the spring.

At Birnam Orchards, sweet corn is typically for sale from the end of July to the end of September.

Bert Veens, one of the farmers, with freshly-picked apples in the fall.

Ripe and juicy peaches picked fresh for the market.

A shot of market with lots of fresh produce for sale.

A giant peach grown at Birnam Orchards.

Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and are very sensitive to cold weather.

Pete hauling bins of apples in the fall.

A shot of the high density apple orchard. These trees are are planted closer together and are allowed to grow taller. They produce more apples per acre than traditional plantings.

The Veens' granddaughter, Hailey, working hard to sell delicious sweet corn.

A large Gingergold apple almost ready for picking.

Golden Delicious apples being picked in the fall.

The work doesn't stop when summer is over! Here, Bert is pruning fruit trees in the winter. This is necessary to grow healthy fruit.

Apple trees blossoming in the spring.

Bert and Rita's youngest daughter with Pete and Deb's sons picking red delicious apples in the fall.

A display of pumpkins and gourds is beautiful in any home.

A very early shot of of peach buds.

A shot of a new, narrower tractor purchased in 2012 that is used in the high density apple blocks.

A beautiful shot of peach blossoms in the spring.

Another shot of winter pruning using an innovative platform tractor. This machine is capable of adjusting to different tree hights and row widths, all while driving by itself.